My story of BioTE therapy

Many are asking why we are now offering the BioTE hormone therapy at our new office. We are offering many types of services to help people feel and look their best and there is no better service that helps men and women feel their best when not currently feeling so then the BioTE hormone therapy. I myself started doing the therapy 14 years ago. I went to my doctor and told her that I was not doing well- I was experiencing all of the symptoms below, and yes at the age of 44! She just had come back from training for HRT and told me that she could help me too feel better (I was actually her first patient for this service). Within 2 weeks my mood swings went away, I was more patient with my children and husband, I had more energy and was sleeping better and then in a another week my sex drive returned. It was life changing to feel so much better in such a short period of time. Over the last 14 years when I was either late for my next treatment or the 2 times that I stopped the treatment thinking that maybe I didn't need it anymore I quickly got all of my old symptoms back and felt crappy very quickly- I will never do that again. If anyone knows me you know that I have lots of energy and am always upbeat and happy.

I have talked to many nurse practitioners who administer BioTE and have heard so many stories of patients that they have helped including a 90 year old woman who after starting the therapy feels and looks so much better (the therapy not only helps the symptoms below but is helpful to your organs and your skin). Even at 90 you can optimize your health with BioTE. For more information or to make an appointment for a consult call or text us. Crystal is our nurse pratinioner and is there every Thursday but you can schedule a consult with either myself or our LPN Lindsay Dobrowolski on other days. If interested we will do some bloodwork to see where you are- not only with your hormones but also other areas to make sure that you are where you should be on other areas such as cholesterol, liver functions, vitamin D levels, etc. Its well worth looking into to see if we can help you to feel your best. Life is too short to not do so.

Joyce- owner of PBL

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