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Ingrown hair, infection on neck, shaving irritation

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Ingrown hair, infection on neck, shaving irritation Many men, especially ethnic men, have issues with their neckline, both front and back, where the area is very irritated, they have sore and sometimes infected bumps which never seem to be able to heal and shaving just makes the situation worse. Ingrown hair, infection on neck, shaving irritation. We will go over a few things that may be happening.

Acne keloidalis nuche is an inflammation of the hair follicle that causes bumps on the back of the neck, along the hairline. It begins with small, itchy bumps that eventually lead to scarring and hair loss. Over time they turn into keloids, which are large, raised bands of scarring. The condition is more common in dark-skinned males, particularly those with thick, curly hair. Experts think that the issue is caused by or related to close shaving, constant irritation from sports equipment or shirt colors, certain medications, or chronic infections.

An ingrown hair is a strand of hair that either grows back into itself and reenters your skin or grows under the skin due to a clogged hair follicle. The results is a pimple-like bump around the hair. They are more common in areas where you regularly remove hair by waxing, shaving or other methods.

Te easiest and quickest way to help these issues is by removing the hair which stops the cycle of ingrown hairs and irritations. When we laser an area, including the neckline (front or back) we are killing the hair. The hair will then take around 10 days to shed (it looks like the hairs are just growing slowly but the hair is actually just pushing itself out). After that timeframe you will have around 3 1/2 weeks without any hair. During the time the area can begin healing. We also highly suggest exfoliating the area with a loofa sponge before coming in for your treatment and every day after while going through the process. Just run the loofa sponge over the area while showering. This process will help to remove some of the scabs and dead skin on the area which will allow the hair to grow back in without anything blocking it.

Also the laser helps to kill any bacteria in the area. When both men and woman are getting a treatment for these issues or facial hair they notice that the area clears up with that first week after treatment since the bacteria lessons due to the laser.

If you are getting your neckline treated we ask you to get a fresh haircut a day or so before coming in. We will then follow the hairline that was created by the barber when treating the neck. You will then have a nice, clean and hair free hairline for weeks. And when the hair does grow back it becomes lighter and finer each time.

Ingrown hair, infection on neck, shaving irritation
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