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Men's Brazilian

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

Yes, we laser the man's Brazilian area. The treatment is $150 per treatment. We have done many and each man is different on what exactly he wants removed. We can do it all (and the price includes the hair around the anal area if wanted) or we can just do what areas that you want. We ask you to shave the day before whatever you would like lasered so we can just follow the lines or see what you do not want taken off.

The treatment is not that uncomfortable. Most of the hair on the testicles and the shaft are not thick. Th most uncomfortable area is the area right above the shaft due to the hair being very thick there but the area only takes a few seconds to do. The entire area only takes about 10 minutes to laser- much quicker then waxing.

And once we are finished with the treatment the area is not sore or irritated.

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