Men getting their neckline done

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

My favorite area that we lasered on my husband is his neckline. A few days after he had gotten haircut the hair on his neck would start to grow back which made the haircut not look so great anymore. We can laser the neckline which costs $60 per session.

We ask you to get a fresh haircut a few days before if possible so we can easily follow the line that was made by the hair stylist. Once that you have had a few treatments then the hair where we have lasered will already be thinner then easier for someone to groom for you the day before the treatment.

The actual treatment on the neck only takes a few minutes. Even though our laser provides virtually pain free treatment on most areas the neck is a little more uncomfortable. There seems to be a fair amount of nerve ending on that area and the hair is usually thicker there then in some areas. But again the treatment is very quick and once we are finish you will have no discomfort or pain.

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