Meet the staff- Kathleen Escobio

Kathleen had been a client of PBL for over a year. During that time we had become friends. She was an accountant and hated her job. She had mentioned many times that she would love to come work fo me and do what I do- finally a fun career unlike her accountant job. A few months laster she had gotten laid off from her job and asked me if she would go to school become certified as a laser tech could she come work for me. At that time my business was growing like crazy and I was having hard time doing all myself. Six months later she was finished with the schooling and testing and became my first employee!!

Kathleen picked up the job and the crazy pace very quickly and almost instantly everyone fell in love with her. She makes everyone feel very comfortable in what most of the time is an uncomfortable and awkward situation. Now I have so many clients that request her (which I am not offended by-love that they love her as much as I do). She has become a critical member of our PBL team. You will also love her I am sure.


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