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How to best prepare for your laser hair removal appointment.

Updated: Mar 2

At PBL we try our hardest to educate you as much as possible before the treatment so you know what to expect. It is also important for you to be as prepared as possible so the appointment runs smoothly and so you will get the most out of your treatments.

Shave whatever you want off the day before so your hair is short but the area isn't irritated. If you are pulling any hairs stop doing so asap. It takes 10 days fo a hair to grow back after you pull it out. We want all of the hairs to be there so we can damage all of them.

The doctor and covid paperwork needs to be filled out before we can treat you- the state law. The paperwork can be downloaded from our website and you can fill it out in advance to save some time. Links to the paperwork will also be in the email that you will receive once we put you in the schedule.

We also suggest for you to scroll through the blogs on the website and read what pertains to you. Lots of great info in the blogs and unlike many companies we are very honest and up front with our clients.

If you do have any questions, concerns, etc please feel free to text us (always the quickest and desist way to reach us). We are always available to answer any questions. It may take us a few minutes to answer back if it is during the work day but I will do so as soon as possible. 813-444-3204.

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