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Laser Challenges: Addressing Thick, Blonde, and Gray Hair Removal

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

Laser Challenges: Addressing Thick, Blonde, and Gray Hair Removal: Lasers for hair removal are attracted to melanin- pigment. Blonde hairs have little pigment, grays have zero pigment. If you have blonde hairs that are light and fine the laser will not be able to pick it up. But if you have thicker hairs that are blonde or gray you have a few options.

The first option is to get electrolysis. The process is long, tedious and painful but can work on all colors of hair and even hair inside of a tattoo. We do not do electrolysis. There are not many people who still perform electrolysis but there are some. Just like with any service do your research, read reviews, and ask for referrals.

The other option is to use Meladine spray. The spray is a pigmented substance that penetrates down into the follicle and deposits pigment into the follicle. To use keep the hair that you are treating short so that when you spray the substance on it will penetrate into the follicle. If you do not shave the hair short the substance will just sit on the hair outside of the follicle which does not help. The directions on the bottle are not what we recommend. We recommend spraying on the area (with short hair) after showering and again at night before going to bed. Just spray a light coating on the area. You do not have to soak the area or have it dripping down your skin- that is just wasting it. Just let it air dry for 5 minutes or so then you can apply makeup, lotion, etc and get dressed.

For gray hair you need to spray for 3 weeks before your treatment, for blonde hairs for 2 weeks.

The product has mixed reviews but what I have seen over the last 9 years that it is mostly user error which causes the product not to work. Many clients of mine have used it the proper way and have good results. The ones that do not seem to have good luck with it also admit to not using it consistently which is very important. The product is around $65 a bottle which is not cheap but it is worth spending the money to try to get those unwanted hairs. The worse thing that can happen is that you use it for one or two treatments, spend the $65 and realize that it does not work for you. But for people with thicker gray and blonde hairs there is no other option other then electrolysis so I always tell people to at least try it.

If you want to buy the product an live close to Westchase Dr. Mercedes of Westchase sells the product- the office is located in the Publix Shopping Center on the corner of Countryway and Linebaugh Ave. They are located behind the mall. If not you can buy online. If you have issues finding it let me know. I can help you.

Laser Challenges: Addressing Thick, Blonde, and Gray Hair Removal:  Lasers for hair removal are attracted to melanin- pigment.

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