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Is your bikini area full of in growns and scabs from waxing and shaving?

Updated: Oct 21, 2023

Many women have issues with in growns, scabbing and scaring from continually waxing and/or shaving. Waxing is very irritating to the skin which causes little wounds that end up causing in grown hairs. The same can happen with shaving.

Most women who are having these issues can see significant improvement in the area after only a few laser treatments. If at all possible we ask you to follow the following directions for quicker recovery. If you have a few days or so before your laser appointment we ask you to use a loofah sponge to exfoliate the area every time that you shower until you come in for your appointment. This action will help to get rid of some of the excess skin and scabbing that causes the hair to get stuck. We ask you to use a loofah instead of scrubs. Many times the scrubs can get into the wounds and make the situation worse. You do have to shave the day before the appointment so the hair is short- but not the day of so that the skin is newly irritated.

Once you receive your treatment we ask you to just let the hair shed out on its own and not shave the area. If you really need to shave if you are going to be in your bikini during that 10 day time frame while it is shedding out you can do so but better to not do so or at least just shave the bikini line. You can wear some boy shorts o cover the area if possible. During the shedding period continue to loofah the area. Once the hair does shed out (which happens to almost everyone even after their first visit) in about 10 days you should be hair free for around 4ish weeks. Again during this time we still want you to loofah the area. The area should not be as irritated since you are not waxing or shaving.

Then as the hair does start growing back in the 5th week (now lighter and finer due to the laser damaging the hair) you can wait until the day before your 6 week visit to shave- still exfoliating every time that you shower. By completing the process very time your skin will continue to heal nicely. Even in the cases where women have so many horrible scabs and in growns after a series of treatments the area will improve greatly. And as you go through the process the hairs will get lighter and finer which those hairs are much less likely to become in growns.

Is your bikini area full of in growns and scabs from waxing and shaving?

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