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Is the type of laser important?

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

Is the type of laser important? Yes, so very important. If you read about laser hair removal treatments and what to expect you will find that most treatments are very painful (needing prescription numbing cream before the appointment) and very damaging to the skin-many welting the skin and sometimes even burning it. With the Alma laser system it is not painful (just a little pulling/tweezing sensation) and not damaging to the skin. Our laser is "in motion" so in non technical terms we bake the area instead of frying it which is much less painful and much more comfortable.

We have 2 Alma Soprano Ice lasers and 2 Alma Soprano Platinums- all amazing lasers and all less then 2 years old. Many places buy used equipment (where they do not know how the equipment has been used or taken care of) and do not always maintain the equipment. All lasers should be recalibrated yearly to assure that they are firing properly. All important things to consider when looking for a place to get laser.

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