Interested in lasering your bikini area?

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

Nothing like not having to worry about the bikini area- especially in Florida!! We have 2 prices for the bikini area- if you only need or want a few inches off of the bikini line then the price is $60 per treatment. If you have more hair running down the leg (usually hormonal hair), want most of it, just a landing strip, or all of it (including the anal area) the price is $80 per session. Just shave off whatever you want lasered the day before the treatment so the hairs short but the area isn't irritated.

I suggest doing more then less if you are on the fence on how much to take off. Most people that do not start off taking it all off end up changing their mind and wanting it all gone once they see how nice it is to be so bare down there. Also if you do the entire area then change your mind about keeping some of it later those few treatments are only going thin out that area which is not a bad thing.

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