How many areas can you do at one time?

We can do your entire body in one setting if you want to. Our Alma laser is not only "virtually pain free" but also fast due to the in motion technology so lasering your entire body can only take under 2 hour- again it depends on what areas that you are actually doing, some people have hair EVERYWHERE where others only have hair on the typical area like legs, bikini and underarms.

The laser hair removal process is a process that on the average can take 6-8 treatments, but with hormonal areas can be ongoing (but so worth it and really there is no other choice to keep the hair under control). Those amount of treatments can take around a year to do so I always tell people to do what they can afford. If you can afford doing 4-5 body parts at a time then do

so. You will be done with all of the areas that bother you much sooner. But if you can only afford one or two areas at a time then start with those areas. You can add other areas later. I have some clients that come to me for years, doing one area at a time and touching up there as needed.

You do not want to start on an area and stop midway through. Your body has the ability to heal so if you do not fully damage the follicles your body will more then likely start healing those follicles and you will eventually be back where you started sometime in the future.

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