How far apart are the treatments?

For most people the treatments for the face are every 5 weeks and every 6 weeks for all other body parts. You will go through the entire cycle which is the hair being damaged with the treatment, the hair shedding out which takes about 10 days (the hair will look like it is growing slowly but just shedding), then for most being hair free for a period of time (about 3ish weeks for the face and 4ish weeks for the other body parts), then the hair starting to grow back in right before you are due (but lighter and finer each time).

But for a small percentage of clients they will see the hair coming back in a little earlier. If that happens to be the case then we can schedule your next appointment little sooner- but the hair does need to be there for the treatment so we can't do it too soon.

If you have had many treatments and do not see any hair growth when due then we can hold off on the appointment until you do have some growth that occurs. As mentioned in other blogs it is fairly common to have to come in periodically for touch ups for any straggler hairs that may come out.

For any hormonal hairs we need to stay on top of them keep them weak so as long as you have hair growth, even if very light and fine, you need to continue to come in to keep them under control.

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