How do you make an appointment at PBL

Updated: Jul 17

We are always super busy so the easiest and quickest way to reach is through texting. It is much easier for us to communicate during the busy day through texting. Also for most people they love to be able to text us. They can do so while at work, while at the soccer game or just just during their busy day.

If you have some questions before making an appointment I highly suggest reading through the blog area on the website. Scroll through and read what pertains to you. Almost everyone's questions are answered in a blog. If you just have a quick question text us. The girls can answer the text. 813-444-3204. If you are still needing to talk after reading through the blogs please call us. I love to help people to become well informed about the laser process before starting the journey.

If ready to make an appointment text us your full name, email address, what areas that you are wanting to do and your availability and we will get back to you asap with some options. After making an appointment the system will send you a confirmation text and email and then if the appointment is more then 3 days away you will get them again 3 days before. The email at that time will have a link to the new patient doctor form. It will also have very specific directions to the office. Follow carefully. The office is very easy to find on Habana by St. Joe's Hospital. It's that easy.

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