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How do you make an appointment.

Updated: Oct 8, 2023

**Booking Made Easy at PBL: A Message from Joyce**

Hello, dear clients and those considering joining our family at Perfectly Bare Laser (PBL). I'm Joyce, owner of PBL, and today I'd like to share the simplest way to get in touch with us and secure your appointment.

In this fast-paced digital age, we understand the importance of efficient communication. That's why texting has become our preferred and most responsive method of interaction. Whether you're looking to book an appointment, need to reschedule, or simply have a quick query, a text message can get things moving smoothly.

Our clients frequently express their appreciation for this hassle-free mode of communication. It's direct, efficient, and fits into the busy lifestyles we all lead. You don’t have to wait on a call or navigate through automated responses; a simple text does the trick!

However, if you're someone who values a personal touch and wishes to have a voice conversation, we're more than happy to accommodate. Just drop us a text indicating your preference, and one of our dedicated team members will call you back at the earliest opportunity. As always you can always call us direct as well. We usually have someone that can take your call during our working hours. However even when we are closed, we try our best to answer the call if we are available.

Reach out to us at 813-444-3204. Whether it's through a text or a call, our goal is to provide you with the best experience, every step of the way.

*Perfectly Bare Laser - where modern convenience meets traditional care.*

How do you make an appointment.

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