Do you need to have lighter skin in order to get laser?

Updated: Jul 17

The Alma Lasers hair removal system, which is what we have at PBL, we can treat all skin types. We have many Middle Eastern and African American clients. In face about 40% or so of our clientele are esthetic because our laser is so safe for darker skin and much more comfortable then the Yag laser which is what they would have to use if not our Alma Lasers system. As long as the hair is darker then the skin we are able to laser it. The only issue that we have is if your skin in a particular area (like the bikini area) is very dark the we may be able to treat the area a few times and thin out the hair, but sometimes the hair ends up becoming lighter then the skin- then the laser is not able to tell the difference between the hair and skin. But that situation is the only one that we struggle with.

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