Do we have packages if you want to do more then one area or want to pay for everything up front?

Updated: Dec 31, 2021

Our prices are very reasonable, especially for the type of laser that we use. You pay each time for whatever areas that you are doing that day. We do not make you pay up front for future treatments.

Most places that have packages have inflated prices for their per treatment prices then subtract some of the money from a package to make it seem like you are getting a better deal. Again our prices are reasonable all of the time. Also many places sell packages of 6 selling the concept that after 6 treatments you will be hair free which no one should be promising anyone. The amount of treatments needed vary with every person and every body part.

And also I always hesitated buying packages up front. What happens if you buy a package, go for your treatment and do not like the facility or the laser. And what if you loose your job and really cant afford to spend that money anymore. Or what if you are relocated and have to leave the area. In all of those situations companies will not refund your unused services. Paying per treatment just makes more sense for everyone.

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