Can we help women with PCOS?

Yes we can!!! With PCOS, similar to some women who are doing HRT, they have extra testosterone which can cause excess hair, especially on the hormonal areas which are the face, chest and bikini area. Even though your body will continually want to produce hair due to the excess testosterone the laser treatments will continually damage the follicles so the hairs will become lighter and finer with each treatment. Unlike with many other body parts and with women that do not have hormonal issues, even though you are damaging the follicles your body still wants to produce a hair but as long as you come in on a continual basis we will be able to keep the hairs very light and fine- and you will have periods of time between the treatments that you will be hair free. I always tell my clients the have PCOS you will have to more then likely continue the treatments religiously (every 5 weeks for the face) just like you do with dying your gray hair when you start graying- but it will be worth it. After only a few treatments your hair will grow in very light and fine and you will have around 3 or so weeks without any hair!!! How nice is that!!

If you are pulling any hairs we ask you to stop doing so for 10 days before coming in so that all of the hairs will be there for the treatment. It takes 10 days from the time that you pull out a hair for it to grow back. As with the laser process on any area you can always shave or trim the hairs but we never want you to pull and hairs in any manner.

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