Biote medical grade supplements

We offer BioTe hormone optimization here, at Perfectly Bare Laser & Esthetics. Optimized hormones are necessary for good health! Every patient's journey is customized after measuring individual hormone and nutrient levels with a quick, comprehensive blood work test. We then process using BioTe’s dosing platform which delivers patient’s treatment with precision and preventative planning.

The BioTe method of hormone optimization uses bioidentical hormone pellets. These pellets contain estrogen/testosterone, which are dosed based on bloodwork for each individual patient. These pellets are then placed subcutaneously in the body to continuously release the dosed stream of hormones. The pellets end up dissolving and are absorbed in the body.

Most common age-related issues include: decreased bone density, poor heart health, abnormal breast & prostate health, diminished cognitive abilities & memory, as well as, reduced energy & sex drive. In addition, here at PBL&E, we carry a plethora of BioTe supplements to help you feel younger, happier and healthier.

Biote also offers a variety of supplements to help you be your best. Read about some of our top supplements:

ADK 5 & 10, essential vitamins A, D3 & K2 – maintains vitamin D levels, promotes strong bones and supports the immune system.

Curcumin-SF, antioxidant, joint & hormonal support – reduces inflammation, relieves joint & muscle soreness and helps maintain hormonal balance.

DIM SGS+, hormone balance & detoxification support – encourages normal estrogen metabolism, helps control appetite, promotes detoxification.

Iodine, thyroid support w/ Iodine,

Zinc & Selenium – supports thyroid health, encourages hormone balance and promotes detoxification.

Methylfactors+, 5-MTHF & Active B Vitamins for Methylation & Energy support – promotes normal methylation, supports a healthy heart and encourages energy & focus.

Multi-Strain Probiotics 20B, multi-strain probiotic for healthy digestion – 20 billion colony-forming units (CFUs), supports gut & digestive health while promoting a strong

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