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Is there a best time to start the laser hair removal process?

Updated: Oct 31, 2023

Is there a best time to start the laser hair removal process? Well, no. Laser hair removal is amazing (and very addictive) but it is a process. 6-8 treatments is an average needed for most non hormonal areas which is around a year so waiting for a certain time doesn't really help anything.

With the Alma Soprano laser it is FDA approved for tanned skin so you can start the process in the summer. We just ask you to try to not get any fresh sun (or spray tan) for 3-5 days before your appointment so you do not have any fresh melanin. We can laser with fresh sun- the treatment will just be a little more uncomfortable and we will have to turn down the setting to compensate for the pigment which will not be as good for results. We also ask you to avoid sun for 2-3 days after the treatments. Right after the treatment you will have a lot of energy in the area and if it is exposed to sun it could burn and blister. But just a few days of no sun will be sufficient. So start asap so you can be on your way to becoming "perfectly bare"!!!

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