Adjusting an appointment if you are going out of town or have a big event coming up

We ask you to stay on schedule in order to get optimal results with your laser hair removal treatment- for most people it is every 5 weeks for your face and very 6 weeks for other areas. If you are unable to make it in exactly 5 or 6 weeks out due to being out of town we can try to adjust the appointment to make it work. You cannot come in for your next appointment until the hair starts to grow back so we cannot have you come in too early. Lasering an area with no hair growth will do nothing.

If your hair seems to return early then we can have you come in early. If you think that the hair won't be back before you leave then we will have to push out your appointment until you return.

If you are planning a vacation/wedding etc and want to make sure that you are "perfectly bare" for that time we can tweak your appointment a little to make sure that you are hair free when needed. We may have to move your appointment a week or so but thats ok-just so you will be hair free when needed.

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